Tiny House on Wheels Building Workshop

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The Worshop

Samuel and Dominique Pépin-Guay from Linéaire Design offer architecture, building and woodworking enthusiasts the chance to put the green building and sustainable development notions behind mobile tiny houses to work over five days.

What Is a Tiny House?

Begun in the United States in the early 2000s, the tiny house movement took off with the 2008 economic crisis. It is now seeing unprecedented growth here in Quebec and elsewhere. A cross between a cottage and a recreational vehicle, a mobile tiny house can take any imaginable form, with construction methods varying from one builder's fancy and vision to the next.

Workshop Program

  • Introduction and building plan review
  • Floor, wall and roof truss building
  • Framing (con't)
  • Mechanics (electricity, plumbing, etc.)
  • Plywood floor
  • Eco4, hemp and Enermax insulation
  • Inner-outer lathing
  • Facia and flashing
  • Roof
  • Door and windows
  • Siding
  • Siding
  • Finish work (moulding, doorframes, etc.)
  • Conclusion and retrospective on the workshop


The Take-homes

  • After this workshop, you will be able to build a floor, walls and trusses, install various forms of isolation and wood and metal siding, plan out building mechanics and install doors and windows.
  • The notions learned during this Construction 101 workshop can very well serve in any residential green building project.

Creative Materials Provided

  • All the building materials for the tiny house
  • Class notes
  • Écohabitation's Pages vertes (available in French only)

What Should You Bring?

  • Steel-capped boots
  • Tape measure
  • Safety goggles
  • Carpenter's square
  • Lead pencils

Who Should Take Part?

  • This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to develop or perfect tiny house or green building skills.

Available Dates in 2015 and 2016

  • Dates to be determined


  • 12 people maximum. The workshop is in French unless requested in English.


  • 5 days (7 hours per day)


  • Basic construction skills




  • 1 800 278-3555
  • 1 888 359-2124