Creative exploration photography in nature

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The Workshop

Over the four days of indoor and outdoor studio training, you will create a highly artistic image that pleases you.

In this workshop, Jean-Sébastien Veilleux will guide you through creative photographic exploration. The workshop will focus on nature, particularly, the landscapes surrounding Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.

Your exploration will include single lens reflex camera techniques and the tricks of processing digital photos. You will also learn notions of composition and aesthetics, using nature's possibilities as inspiration.

Participants will be able to develop their "photographic sense" and take the time to build a powerful image.

Detailed Program

Day 1: Theory (3 hours)
Day 2: Theory and practice (4 hours)
Day 3: Practice (5 hours)
Day 4: Post-production and printing (8 hours)
Total: 20 hours

Creative Materials Provided

  • Course notes
  • Notebook and pencils
  • A 8 x 12 canvas for printing
  • Transportation to local photo sites
  • Photo accessories (wires, reader, filters), if required
  • A wireless Internet connection
  • Projector, printer and computer (operated by Jean-Sebastien)

What Should You Bring?

  • A digital SLR camera (with interchangeable lenses) of basic or better quality
  • A tripod, if possible
  • 2 memory cards of 8 or 16 GB each, according to your camera, and a USB key
  • Appropriate clothing (for wet or cold weather)
  • Protection for your camera (for bad weather)


  • The workshop is a beginner and/or intermediate level. It will allow you to acquire basic-level photography skills. The accent will be put on the creative side, using techniques and nature photography.

The Take-homes

  • An understanding of the digital photo process
  • A broader and personalized photographic sense
  • The ability to apply this sense to future photos
  • An acquisition of notions of composition, aesthetics and shooting techniques
  • A discovery of the full creative potential of the digital SLR camera
  • The satisfaction of stepping out of your comfort zone to explore and discover a new way of taking photos

Who Should Take Part?

  • Adults

Available dates in 2016

  • More dates to be determined


  • The workshop is held over 4 days (total of 20 hours).


  • Between 5 and 10 participants




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  • 1 888 359-2124