What is creative tourism?

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« The magic of creative tourism is leading travelers into the arts and creativity as a way of discovering the host culture and of experiencing special moments with locals. »
Caroline Couret, Director of the Creative Tourism Network

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The Beginnings of Creative Tourism

Creative tourism began in the 2000s and can be defined as:

« Tourism that offers visitors the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in courses and learning experiences, which are characteristic of the holiday destination. »
Crispin Raymond and Greg Richards, 2000, Co-founders of creative tourism

A new type of tourism was born. Now, tourists are no longer attracted by a destination's general characteristics but rather by specific offers and services.

The Creative Tourism Network® was created in this spirit in Barcelona in 2010. This international network offers this new kind of tourist a broad selection of destinations and creative activities around the world.

« Creative tourism is a projection of a new tourism in which natural, cultural and personal resources are not manipulated and exploited, but valued and enriched. »
Jelincic and Zuvela, 2012

A Sustainable Trend

«Among the broad trends that influence the development of tourism, the search for a personal experience—and, if possible, an intense experience that one can show off to friends and family—is a great expectation among visitors. Tourists are increasingly demanding. They want to be an active visitor, sharing with locals whenever possible, be they residents, artists, craftspeople, shop owners, students or any other citizens who contribute to today's reality as opposed to those who influenced past society and with whom no interaction is possible. [...] The new phenomenon of creative tourism has taken an additional step in this desire for personalized experiences. But what is creative tourism exactly? It is tourism based on laypeople's experiences in the arts, crafts and specific skills, be it cooking, photography, dance, digital art or any other field that allows visitors to enrich their knowledge and skills. »

Exerpt from Le Tourisme Créatif, une tendance durable, des opportunités à saisir by Laurent Queige (in French only)