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News from the Appalachian Sports Club

News as fresh as the new snow!

Hello everyone,
Thanks to all those who have already registered for their membership card. A reminder that you have until December 22 to be eligible for the draw to win a table d'hôte for two at l'Auberge des Glacis (valued at approximately $200). 
Once the deadline has passed, the seasonal membership will remain the same price but your name will not come out of a hat!
School enrollment is progressing well but do not delay: we have already filled 2/3 of the available spaces (maximum: 80). You can pre-reserve by phone at 418 246-5995.
I will take this opportunity to present to you the latest from the New Year, on behalf of all the skiing/snowshoeing volunteers
Network improvements continued with the reprofiling of the Marigotte hill (slope 9 descending), the laying of many culverts on the lower network and the reconstruction of the bridge on slope 13 by the club volunteers and resident on the initiative of Dany Tremblay. The clearing of all the slopes and the preparation of firewood in the cottages were completed in the summer by Robert and Jean-Louis Moreau. Lionel busied himself with supervising the engine renovation of the resurfacer, so that it regains full power! With the first snowfalls, Patrice Fortin will commence the posting of signs that are missing from the slopes.
We have received some supplementary materials in the boutique. This year we have benefited $4000 from the project “vive le sport-RBC”. This program is one that focuses on developing a taste for sport in a large number of children. Beyond the money, it is a great recognition of our efforts. Intersport Montmagny and Demers have supported us that to their team program and many corporate and private sponsors have financed the equipment kits. Thank you very much because it makes our programs accessible to a greater number of people.
Our development group, led by Lisa Martin, started their training on “wheeled” skis this fall and last Saturday we took out the skis (real ones) for a 2-hour trek. This winter we foresee a wonderful program for them to discover, in skiing, a way to surpass themselves and others. To follow on Facebook!
The school monitors are all very motivated, and this year they will be easily recognizable since we have made them club-coloured vests. For visitors and tourists it will be equally easy to know who to address because those responsible on site will also be clearly identified.
In parallel, we are improving our management (so that we can ski more as well!). Thanks to Charles Couillard we are now using an open source system (= $0 of IT budget), which allows us to manage our members, our e-mails, our website and starting next year our online registrations, payment included. In order for this to function properly we are installing Internet at the club (everything arrives eventually...) and this will allow us to offer WI-FI service to visitors. In the very near future you will, therefore, receive registration receipts automatically by e-mail. This might be useful for the tax credit allotted for children's physical activities (youth programs). Tickets will be available at the opening of the boutique, thanks to Anne for delegating from me the task of printing.
To briefly conclude everything, we are ready! Like the year before the opening of the slopes will be announced by e-mail, on the website and on our Facebook page.
Hope to see you on the slopes and thank you for all your support.
Note: We postulate the major tourism award this year (Category: Outdoor Activity). At the boutique we will provide you with a participation coupon for your Internet vote. Tell it!
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