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      • Expressive retreat, Interior flight

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Expressive retreat, Interior flight

Lucie La Montagne, painter and bearer of happiness invites you to live the experience of a creative retreat through paintings and a meditative dance to the smells from the shores of the river.


Throughout the world of painting, Lucie brings people to express themselves freely. By retreating into one's self, they discover their true colours, their own identities. The purest expression of meditative dance trains us to be our truest self that is hidden, calm, within us. Nature drives us, through our senses, to our personal legend and to the path of light.


I am Lucie La Montagne, painter and bearer of happiness. A retreat of 2 and a half years has driven me on a road studded with pure love and self-liberty. It is by letting myself be pushed by the winds that I arrive at my personal legend: the discovery of my soul. Through paintings, meditative dance and the awakening of nature and my nature, I openly express myself, like a child that comes from within. My journey crosses through the real worlds.

When. From Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli village créatif will be announcing more dates soon

For who.

All adults who desire to experience a journey towards their inner child.

Number of Participants.

5 people maximum


$240 (plus tax) per person that participates in the pilot project.

Real value: $315 per person


To register and for more information please contact: 418 359-2124

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